Project Start Date

August 2014

Project Completion Date

August 2016


Lower Murray Water

Comdain's Role

Principal Contractor

Value Range Category

$10m - $50m




Distribution Infrastructure

Electrical, Mechanical & Instrumentation

The Sunraysia Modernisation Program was the biggest infrastructure upgrade in Sunraysia’s irrigation history.  Working in collaboration with Lower Murray Water, Comdain Infrastructure managed the upgrade of open irrigation channels with pipelines and automated pumping stations. The program’s aim was to improve the efficiency and quality of irrigation water throughout the region.


Aug 2014 – Dec 2015

First of three projects delivered by Comdain under the SMP to install approximately 1100 below ground irrigation meters and 2,280 above ground stock and domestic meters.

Works Undertaken

  • 4,385 site Inspections
  • Replacement of 927 existing Irrigation Meters
  • Replacement of 183 Dethridge Wheels (SMO)
  • The upgrade of 2,280 household Domestic & Stock Meters
  • Retrofit 850 existing magnetic meters with Telemetry to function remotely.

Highlights & Innovations

  • Development of ComFlow – Comdain’s project document management system specifically designed and developed for metering projects.
  • Inspection and Design of over 4,000 Meters in 6 Months
  • Accelerated construction schedule beyond original Milestone requirements
  • Exceeded the Accelerated schedule outcomes at every milestone


November 2014 – June 2016

Second of three projects delivered by Comdain under the SMP to upgrade irrigation channels with new regulating infrastructure, re-profiling of existing channels banks, new SCADA system and infrastructure integration.

Works included the Design, Construction and installation of:

  • 19 regulators including design, civil/structural works, gate installation, integration to pump stations and other structures, SCADA interfaces, commissioning, tuning, proof of performance
  • 9Ml/day pump station including new switchboard
  • Retrofitting VSD control to existing major pump station and provision of new low flow pump sets and control equipment including SCADA integration and tuning
  • Control of 3 dam levels with existing old infrastructure and integration to the channel automation system.

Highlights & Innovations

  • Use of stainless steel channel bank raising opposed to concrete channel bank raising. This innovation was more cost effective for the client and reduced risk regarding restricted access for concrete deliveries.
  • Passing proof of performance for the channel automation system on the first round for all 3 districts with extremely stringent channel level control and with highly variant customer demand.


June 2015 – Aug 2016

Third project delivered by Comdain under the SMP to upgrade urban channels with a pipeline and pump station (while providing customers with continuous supply of water) and removal of the existing channel and bridges.

Works Undertaken

  • 1.3km DN2000 GRP pipeline
  • 2.7km DN1000 GRP pipeline
  • Installation of associated valve assemblies and 13 cluster pits
  • 120ml / day pump station
  • Decommissioning / backfilling of 5kms of irrigation channel
  • Removal of 11 road crossing bridges / culverts

Highlights & Innovations

  • Comdain’s innovation workshops developed a more cost effective solution for the client by utilising the existing pump station instead of a new one with higher capacity and constructing a smaller booster pump station midway along the pipeline.
  • Completed milestone 8 four weeks ahead of schedule with 2,000m of pipeline installed and early commencement of pump station construction