Project Start Date

January 2011

Project Completion Date

January 2021



Comdain's Role

Managing Contractor

Value Range Category

$10m - $50m


New South Wales


Distribution Infrastructure

Electrical, Mechanical & Instrumentation

The Murray and Murrumbidgee Metering Projects were separate metering projects delivered jointly by State Water via a Managing Contractor model. The projects involved the installation of over 2,000 high accuracy telemetry enabled meters on river and groundwater pumps on the upper Murray River and Murrumbidgee River areas.

Following the success of the Pilot Program, Stage 2 of the State Wide program was awarded to the Comdain-John Holland JV for the Design, Construction and Maintenance (Comdain only) of 700 high accuracy telemetry enabled meters on river and groundwater pumps across Southern NSW.


Works Undertaken

Comdain’s role as Managing Contractor / DCM Contractor was responsible for customer consultation, design, construction, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of the meters. This included configuring new sites in WaterNSW’s ClearSCADA system.


Highlights & Innovations

  • As a result of successful delivery of the initial scope of works through collaboration with the client and effective landowner consultation, Comdain was awarded additional scope which included the installation of meters on an additional 70 sites as part of the pilot program.
  • Development of industry leading meter works management software programme, ‘Comflow’ to manage vast geography covered (500km between sites) This minimised time on site and help to expedite design, approval, procurement and validation.