Project Completion Date

December 2018


Queensland Urban Utilities

Comdain's Role

Principal Contractor

Value Range Category

$10m - $50m




Electrical, Mechanical & Instrumentation

Treatment Infrastructure

Design and construction of an upgrade to Brisbane’s largest STP for the plant’s sludge transfer and dewatering systems, including a HV power upgrade and solving a troublesome struvite problem in the process. Works were successfully carried out without any disruption to operations throughout the upgrade.

Works Undertaken

  • Modification / refurbishment of the sludge storage digesters to improve capacity and operability
  • Installation of magnesium hydroxide dosing into the storage digesters to enhance struvite crystallisation
  • Replacement / upgrade of dewatering equipment (and ancillary facilities including polymer dosing) to increase capacity and improve reliability and performance
  • Replacement / upgrade of associated electrical and control infrastructure


Highlights & Innovations

  • Our facilities delivery team worked with QUU to fast track a trial of the proposed equipment on site, testing against the actual sludge and chemicals that would be used in the final installation. This assisted the team to make the right equipment selection based on actual field data received which was invaluable to the D&C process.
  • Comdain introduced a Risk Adjusted Maximum Price (RAMP) process prior to commencement. With collaborative engagement from both teams, key risks were identified and workshopped to establish a more accurate budget and risk awareness.

“We have been particularly impressed with Comdain’s commitment to safety.  They routinely identify and address safety hazards, communicate with our team to plan their work activities and go out of their way to deliver a high quality outcome.”

-David Otto and Gary Fenwick – Queensland Urban Utilities