Project Completion Date

February 2018


Multinet Gas

Comdain's Role

Principal Contractor

Value Range Category





Projects - Gas

Design (constructability review and optimisation) and construction of the relocation of transmission pressure natural gas infrastructure in Highett, Victoria

Works Undertaken

  • 500m of DN300 steel licenced transmission pressure pipeline along the service lane of the Nepean Highway.
  • Hot tap and live tie-in to the existing licenced DN300 Murrumbeena to Highett pipeline.
  • DN450 (DN300 product pipe) and DN600 (DN450 product pipe) tunnelled crossing of the Nepean Highway.
  • DN300 (DN200 product pipe) tunnelled crossing of the Melbourne to Frankston rail line.
  • 3 reinforced concrete cast in-situ buried pressure regulating assemblies.
  • Various distribution pressure network alterations and extensions including multiple live tie-ins and the installation of 2 x DN300 in-line valves on an existing ex-licenced pipeline.


Highlights & Innovations

  • Development of specific welding procedures that design out the risk of HACC and eliminate the 24 hour delay for NDT allowing use of UT Phased Array and TOFD scanning of the welds. This approach increased productivity and reduced the risks associated with radiation scatter from radiographic testing of welds for both Comdain personnel and the general public.

“Comdain approach their work in an open and professional manner. Their advanced knowledge and skills allows them to complete works proficiently, they are always willing to take ownership of issues, no matter how big or small.”   – Michelle Wingrave, Manager – Large Capital Works Manager, Multinet Gas