Our commitment to operational performance and sharing this knowledge throughout our business means we can implement innovative solutions to create greater efficiency for our clients.

Innovative thinking is in our DNA and is driven by the proactive ‘can-do’ culture of our organisation – from top to bottom. With a long heritage of innovation, we are committed to challenging conventional approaches to drive safety, productivity, and importantly, unlock value for our clients.

At Comdain, innovation is embedded at many levels from our project/program management framework, our highly functional IT solutions, the multidisciplinary internal skills, our best practice risk management approach, and most importantly, our people.

The ‘Bright Sparks’ Program

Comdain has a structured program to encourage, empower, capture, assess, implement, communicate and embed innovation from across the business. This program acknowledges that most great ideas, both big and small, emerge from people’s desire to find better ways of doing things. The problem most organisations face is turning these ideas into action and then leveraging them across the breadth of their business.

Communication is key to a successful innovation program. It starts with the roll out of the program, explaining how it works and how people can get involved. People like to give and receive information in different ways so the program is designed to communicate using different sources and media depending on what individuals are comfortable with.

All ideas generated are assessed and the idea owners given quick and ongoing feedback, usually through the Bright Sparks Ambassadors. This feedback is key to encouraging innovation across the business and keeping up the momentum of the program.

Communication is also key to leveraging the value of implemented ideas across the business. Ideas implemented by one team may be equally as applicable to other teams. All implemented ideas generate a Bright Spark Alert – a summary of the idea that captures all the key details. These alerts are circulated around the business, captured on our intranet site and also summarised in our regular business wide newsletter, Comdain Connect.