Giving back. Better together

Enhancing the communities we operate and work within


Comdain is committed to supporting and building thriving and resilient communities, both through the projects and programs of work we deliver, and charitable contributions, mentoring and volunteering. We are always looking for ways to work together to make a real difference.

Touching regional areas like we do, and in the sectors in which we operate, we aspire to make a significant difference by connecting in ways that are relevant and meaningful.

We collaborate to build stronger and healthier local communities through direct support and sharing knowledge. Our people see firsthand the true value in giving back through various Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

We support and partner with many community and not-for-profit organisations to effect lasting, positive social change including;

  • WaterAid Australia
  • The Salvation Army
  • Pancare Foundation
  • The Pyjama Foundation
  • The Australian Cancer Research Fund

Watch our Queensland’s team recent ‘Renovation Blitz’ supporting the Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council