Media Release

17 May 2016


Comdain wins Yarra Valley Water Safety Award in a back to back win!

Comdain has been awarded the annual Yarra Valley Water Health and Safety Award for the second year running. The award was achieved based on the implementation of Comdain’s Safety Vision – Take the Lead, and the vision being enforced by the team at the Tributary Sewer Pump Station (SPS) Project.

By clearly defining and addressing the project’s Health and Safety Challenges, the Comdain team were able to identify 2 main challenges; deep excavation, and working in confined spaces. In order to achieve a successful outcome the field resources had a greater role in the safe planning of critical site activities. In particular the crew were part of the group to ensure prior to any activity Comdain had completed its requirement to “Plan, Think & Act”. These new processes created an opportunity for all Comdain employees to ‘Take the Lead’ in their role in managing safety.

The ‘Take the Lead’ initiative is about Comdain empowering everyone within the Company to take personal responsibility for their own safety and those around them. We believe that with empowerment comes leadership requiring actions that are not just about following process but more about taking the initiative and taking the lead.

To win this prestigious award from Yarra Valley Water is a great achievement but to win this award 2 years in a row goes to prove how Comdain has been able to initiate and continue to enforce the message of safety.

The award was presented to the Comdain team by Pat McCafferty – Yarra Valley Water Managing Director.



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