Comdain Infrastructure recognised with National Safety Award

Comdain Infrastructure has been awarded the 2017 Workplace Reward by Safe Work Australia after introducing a successful initiative in National Safe Work month throughout their organisation.

The announcement recognises Comdain’s commitment to a safe and healthy workplace for all of its employees.

As part of National Safe Work month, Comdain launched a safety education initiative which focused on the identification and management of High Risk Work activities undertaken by employees and sub-contract partners across the business. Through a comprehensive tiered training program, Comdain empowered staff at all levels of the business to take ownership of safety and become ‘safety leaders’.

The staggered five week program highlighted one High Risk Activity per week and used dedicated meetings, training sessions and workshops to educate every level of the organisation, raise awareness and start important conversations.

“The health and safety of our team is paramount” said Comdain’s Chief Operating Officer Jim Gaha. “Receiving this recognition from Safe Work Australia reflects the dedication to safety that is displayed by all levels of the business. The key to this programs success was simple messaging delivered by our people with passion and genuine care.”

“We are looking for safety leadership in everyone, every day” said Jim. “We want to maintain a heightened awareness around potential hazards with the understanding that it must be a shared responsibility.”

Safe Work Australia’s Chief Executive Officer Michelle Baxter congratulated Comdain saying “Comdain’s leadership campaign was inclusive, engaged all levels of staff, empowered them to make good safety choices, and maximized knowledge retention across the organisation,” said Ms Baxter.

“Comdain’s safety initiative demonstrates a strong long-term commitment to WHS and places a particular emphasis on the safety of their workers,” said Ms Baxter.

The safety initiative was so well received by the organisation’s 550+ staff that the education program will continue across the business on a monthly basis.

“Comdain Infrastructure’s National Safe Work Month initiative was a training program that directly addressed the high risk activities that the organisation faces each day. The best thing about the program is that all levels of the organisation are engaged and it will be run beyond National Safe Work Month and be part of business-as-usual for Comdain.”

Amanda Grey – Deputy CEO, Safe Work Australia


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