Comdain Asset Management Services holds an impressive history of delivering gas pipeline maintenance and 24/7 support services to APA in Victoria since 1996, the Asset Management Services team is now taking the existing contract to the next level to deliver additional services such as pipeline patrols in Sale and the Melbourne CBD plus new gas connections in the in the northern regions

A great industry story and relationship, Comdain has continuously delivered operations and maintenance and minor capital works across the AGN/APA Network for over 22 years. With five separate contracts benchmarked and renegotiated, Comdain’s recent open tender submission and proposed delivery model successfully met APA’s changing business imperatives, strategies and requirements.

APA were happy to move forward together with Comdain due to our stability and unparalleled knowledge from a long history of building and maintaining the Victoria AGN/APA network. Overlaid with new senior industry professionals and committed field workers, we can continue our work of innovating to drive contract performance for another 5 year term bringing an impressive long standing contract term of 27 years.

The APA owned and maintained Victorian Transmission System (or VTS) comprises approximately 1,992km of pipelines. Since 1996, Comdain has successfully delivered over $600m of maintenance services across metropolitan Melbourne and the CBD. This new contract includes the regional areas of northern Victoria, south east Victoria and draws on our broader gas expertise outside the APA network.


“I am excited and proud to be a part of such a service delivery team of professionals that are certainly leading the industry in gas distribution operations and maintenance, Our AMS team is fully committed to continue working with APA to ensure the security of gas supply is maintained and remains a safe and reliable network.

We continue to be innovative with streamlining our systems and processes and we continue to encourage our team to challenge and refine our work methodologies applied in the field to gain such efficiencies to keep our operation sustainable and ahead of the game. Congratulations to all on securing another 5 years!!”

– Phil Purcell, Service Delivery Manager – AMS



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