Media Release
16 MARCH 2017


Comdain Infrastructure announced today a significant contract extension with Victorian gas distributer and long-term partner Multinet Gas. The contract extends Comdain’s existing preferred service provider position in Victoria’s Southern region to now oversee all operation and maintenance services for the entire Multinet Gas network.
Encompassing both Northern and Southern regions of Victoria, the contract extension has an estimated value of over $300m across a 5 year period and will commence 1 July 2017.
The announcement now sees Comdain providing asset management services to two-thirds of Victoria’s gas distribution network.
“Comdain is committed to partnering with Multinet Gas. We will continue to nurture a collaborative approach by providing cost transparency and optimal engineering and asset management services.” said Comdain CEO Peter Coen.
High perfomance and a conitinual commitment to innovation and safety by Comdain Infastructure has proven to be a strong value proposition for Multinet Gas.

“Multinet Gas and Comdain have a history of working well together and we are pleased to continue providing our customers with the high level of service they have come to expect from us.”

Ross Musgrove, General Manager – Service Delivery UEMG”

Comdain’s responsibilities include; construction design, connecting new customers and upgrading the network as necessary, metering replacement programs, pipeline patrol, planned and unplanned maintenance for over 160km of transmission pressure pipelines and 9,800km of distribution mains to residential, commercial and industrial customers.
This is an important milestone for the partnership which is sure to yield great benefits for the Multinet Gas distribution service and customers.


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