People & Culture

People Intro

Our reputation rests with our people – empowered professionals, highly skilled, passionate and very much team players. They demonstrate a genuineness and integrity that creates a great sense of reassurance and trust. We are motivated by a shared vision to create a legacy – to develop and maintain assets that add value to our clients and the people they serve. This equates to a shared desire to be the best at what we do.

Comdain’s extensive in-house workforce is supplemented by specialist sub-contractors with whom we work regularly. Our ability to manage multiple teams ensures that complex or large scale works always meet Comdain’s resourcing and workmanship requirements.

Comdain does more than simply provide construction capability, resources and streamlined procurement – we focus on providing innovative solutions through our highly skilled and efficient construction workforce. We have experienced people that are driven by our positive culture to continually improve the way we operate. Comdain’s collaborative management approach maximises client and community satisfaction while delivering tangible value for money outcomes.

All our people are accountable and take pride in their work. They see themselves as part of a larger, collective vision, where our culture and the support we provide through regular training, results in a proactive and productive team of committed experts.

The company of choice

To asset owners and operators in the gas, irrigation and water sectors we believe that we deliver the following benefits:

  • Peace of mind knowing projects will be delivered well and meet all objectives.
  • A sense of fairness and shared equity in all outcomes.
  • Outcomes that are sustainable.
  • Tailored operations to minimise environmental impact.

Comdain delivers these benefits because we:

  • are specialists, operating on a narrow and deep front, but with end-to-end capability.
  • create an environment that stretches, supports and develops staff to realise their potential.
  • have a track record of achievement and an approach that dictates that the job will be completed – whatever it takes.
  • are primarily self-performing – we have our own teams in the field, taking full responsibility.
  • have a mindset for offering value for money solutions. We understand the dynamics of value creation and deliver and maintain assets that optimise the effectiveness of their life-cycle.
  • embrace a partnership approach to business that is founded on trust, professional respect and fairness. We proactively engage stakeholders and have a natural preference for being collaborative and non-adversarial in our dealings.
  • have an operating model that is founded on well-developed and proven quality, safety and environmental management systems and processes.
  • actively seek to build local community engagement and transfer skills while building first class infrastructure.
  • have a formalised sustainability framework built into our operating model.

Click here to download the Comdain Infrastructure Code of Conduct